Saturday, June 25, 2011

Latinos know how to party!

Me, Memo, and my Mom

I can't really diss my people, and it's only fair that you don't judge the whole by a select few, but damn, there are some really shitty Hispanics living around here.

I went to a Mexican club the other night to listen to a pretty famous band called Los Alacranes Musical. The people at this club though, and not to mention the club itself, were just plain gross. Your typical drunks everywhere with trashy girls who exchange drinks for dances. The guys there try to compensate for their small dicks with long ass boots that could rupture a man's rectum with a well aimed kick. Think of clown shoes, but mixed with stilettos? Their hair is always ridiculously gelled up in some tacky ass fashion, or covered by some lame hat when they have no hair and most of it is on their back and ass. Even the girls were pretty furry. They had meaner side burns than I did and some pretty hairy arms. I don't mean to sound like a pompous douchebag, but honestly these people had no class or dignity. I feel that this scene of music is dying, all you really get is a bunch of old drunks and busted up looking whores. I did get a kick out of seeing all these guys come up to this girl who was trying to talk to me, I don't remember how old she was but I'll guess 24? She was completely drunk so I didn't have it in my heart to take advantage of her. I know, I'm a gentleman, what can I say. I just ignored her and guys would come one by one to ask her to dance. It was hilarious seeing the face on the poor sucker after they took a hard rejection, they almost wanted to cry it seemed. It's pretty sad when some kid half your age is scoring chicks and you're an old ass man crying about it.

Douchebaggery aside, there was a fight that went on in this club (Yay!) It was sort of messed up though, a bunch of drunk guys, two to one. The guy went out cold. A third guy tried to go in making the fight even more unfair, but everyone backed up as soon as he stopped moving on the ground. Everyone was screaming "Don't touch him!", but people are stupid, he was just unconscious, it's not like he fell from a 10 story building or got ran over by a truck (although the blood on the floor might make you think that). Nothing affected his spine that could cause paralysis. Trust me, I learned my shit from the Miami Project. My dad and I helped the guy get up on his feet. Honestly, it sort of bugged me to see that these people made no effort to intervene or to help the old drunk out. It was very inhumane to just leave him and not go for help and I'm pretty ashamed that those people are my race. Like I said, I know not all of us are like that, and these are only the small percentage of Hispanics. Mainly the stinky lazy ones that you would see at a Wal-Mart, not Home Depot or Lowe's. Most of them are not even from Mexico...El Salvador actually. They're the nasty, hated, inbred rednecks of Latin-America who join stupid little gangs like MS-13 which none of you fuckers should even be scared of, they're all a bunch of pussies like most gang members. I just want to punch every single one of them in the face, but I'll be too busy getting a High School diploma and going to college.

My mom and Peter (Pedro)
It was pretty cool to hang with the band after the show though. My mom is a pretty hardcore fan so I got to go back with them and talk to all the members. I was pretty surprised when they knew her name already. She stalked them pretty hard on facebook. The main singer seemed kind of like a douchebag since he was the face of the band, I guess he kind of deserves to be a little cocky, they're a good band. We really got to talk to the saxophonist and the best advice he could give me was "Don't get pregnant." We talked about high school band, and that's where it all started for him. My mom was showing me off to them trying to tell them how smart I am and stuff being in Governors School, but I don't consider myself too smart. He seemed like a really humble, chill dude and it sort of cheered me up knowing that there are actually some dignified Hispanics out there.


  1. Interesting story, never seen a bar fight myself.

  2. Wow. What an experience it would be to actually be in a Mexican club.