Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jesus Freaks

I don't necessarily have a problem with religion, I hate those who feel they have to "convert" you to "save your soul". It bothers me that they use scare tactics such as "You will burn in hell for your sins you heathen" to instill fear in people's minds. The other day at work, a customer at work left me a lame little booklet called "The Letter". It was a little religious pamphlet about some lady who gets a letter from a friend from Hell where the doomed woman tells her that she could have saved her, although she was religious, it was all her fault because she never explained the bible to her. It's apparently not enough to believe in god anymore, now you have to convert others or else you're screwed too is what I got from it basically.
I'm not religious at all. I don't believe in ghosts, superstitions, or other things that most white people (sorry, I'm a tad racist) freak out about. These things to me are just in people's heads and they have weak mindsets for not being able to see past them. I can not seem to find how there are so many ghost hunting shows and why people even watch them. They're all so stupid to me (the shows not the people). Don't get me wrong, I loved Ghostbusters, but people who take it too far and are constantly paranoid about it, that's crossing the line. People are the same with religion, they feel that they have to go to church everyday or else they will burn in a fiery pit of doom.
Just recently familyradio thought they could predict the end of the world, and guess what, we're still here. This to me was just  another sad attempt to increase church attendance. I haven't been to church in so long, and you know what, I am so much better. I don't have to dread the days of church knowing that my entire day will be ruined. I only used that time to sleep anyways. I don't hate religion because it does do some good. It keeps order from the chaos that would ensue if people realized they were free to do what they want. This fear of Satan or the devil or demons, what have you, keeps people from killing each other and doing horrible things. Sadly, common sense is not enough to tell someone not to steal. Okay, killing might be an exaggeration, but you get my point.

Side story behind my little post
This girl at my school (I'll leave her name out for her sake) had good intentions. She tried getting me into her church and I tried getting into her pants. I can't really take her seriously. I straight up refused because of the way she asked me. I felt like she just wanted to show off that she brought someone into the religion, and that's not how its supposed to work. I will not follow any religion because religions are all centered around money, either by "forced donations" or tithing I guess, which they make you feel guilty for not giving. I always hated seeing my mom put her hard earned money into something that she could always do on her own for free, and I'm glad she does now. This girl got really upset that I was talking to my friends about it, and she is a pretty dramatic chick at that. So this is how the conversation went afterwards:
"Why? (in a sad overdramatic voice)"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Oh...and your sister is beautiful."
Yeah, now you understand my struggle. Just as you might imagine, I walked away saying to myself....What the fuck...
She came up to me the other day asking if I were mad at her, and it definitely should've been the other way around. I had just bashed her religion (in a douchey way, not gonna lie) and destroyed everything she believed in using totally badass logical facts. Women...
Anyways, she tried talking to me again today, and she was asking why I told my friends about that, and I didn't really want to talk about was awkward so I pretended to listen, and luckily I was facing her back, so she kept talking to herself cleaning her instrument as I walked away. I wonder how long it took her to realize I was gone...-_-

tl;dr: Religion fucks you up.


  1. religions helps people who cant accept the facts of life.

  2. exactly...that's what I told this chick. She says I'm using her as a punching bag against religion. -_- Such a lost cause, I give up on these people.

  3. "Religion fucks you up."

    Maybe SOME religions, but not all.

  4. God proves that even some adults need imaginary friends

  5. >Kelly
    I guess you got a point, I got nothing against my Hindu buddies, Shiva ftw. Being consumed by it is what I was getting at though. Following it is fine, but centralizing your world around it is unnecessary.

  6. Gotta love false reasons to live >.>

  7. Hahaha, a reason nonetheless. No one should die for religion though, that just makes even less sense then living for it.

  8. There are extremist Christians and there are regular Christians. Same deal with Muslims and every other religion. Don't let one side ruin the other

  9. True that. I can tolerate those who just worship on their own, it just bugs me when they force their ideas on you, that's taking it too far. This is Am'rca.

  10. Freedom from religion. Flying spaghetti monster.