Tuesday, August 23, 2011



     Have you ever just looked up at the sky and noticed lines going against the clouds? I never thought much of them, but I recently looked into them. You may just think that they are normal contrails, or water vapor that has condensed from the engines of airplanes, but sometimes they last a long time, maybe even too long. Normal contrails may dissipate after an hour or so, but sometimes these can be seen for much longer. Some people believe that something sinister may be going on right above our heads. Chemtrails differ from Contrails, in that Chemtrails are believed to be deliberate in that they have things spraying from planes into our atmosphere. Plus, Chemtrails are bigger than normal Contrails, hinting that maybe they're intentionally spraying something out from them. There have also been reports of higher levels of Barium and Aluminum in the atmosphere and water in areas where these trails have been seen frequently. The frequent sightings of these trails haven't been seen much since before the 1980's. 
    These are definitely not like normal clouds, specifically not natural forming Cirrus clouds, since Cirrus clouds are created higher in the atmosphere, in the Troposphere. So we know for sure that these trails are not "natural forming". Some times you may notice that they appear in grid-like X formations, which are too dangerous for normal flying proximity, and basically it's illegal for planes to be flying this close. This raises some questions as to why a plane would go ahead and do this anyways, what are the chances that two random planes are going to opposite ways that close after one another? I don't think it's just a coincidence...maybe there's something bigger going on?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Band Kids Are Cool.

Hmm...white gooey liquidy substance? Must be semen...
     These past two weeks I've just been chilling like a villain with my super cool band friends. Since I'm a Senior this year not a single Fuck is being given. I'm finally going to enjoy myself and be social for once. I hate that I don't even know anyone in the Senior class because I go to Governor's School separate from my normal High School. I'm just a really chill ass bro, I go to parties, just sit there, everyone just assumes you're high out of your mind, but no, I am just really chilled out. Mellow..
     This one time at band camp...Actually, all the time at band camp, we always like to grab ice and drop it into each other's genitals. Like the other day, I dropped some ice down my balls 'cause it feels nice, but my left nut started to go kinda numb, so I took it out and dropped it into this girl's cup (pictured above) and she had no idea where I got it from and continued to drink from said cup...if anything, my Mexican ball sweat made it a little spicy...
     Band has been really chill for me, it's basically an excuse to get together with chill ass people and just hang out, unload bodily fluids on each other, and just bond...like for real. We make memories here man, and that's what really matters. We're so cool starting our own little gang/posse/groupofcoolestfothermuckersinbandwhorejectalltools, wearing bandannas and stuff because we're effing cool like that. Band has much more meaning to me than just playing lame old music. I hate the fags who go and play the "Oh Hey I'm A Senior" (Eric Williams) card and molest the poor innocent Freshman. I mean...I feel like a creeper just checking them out sometimes...I'm shifting my focus from being a total manwhore this year to just chilling with my homies one last time. I find any excuse to hang out with these amazing mofos, it's not about getting dat booty anymore, I've finally found shit more meaningful than that. : )
Band Camp - 2011 :) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Band Camp!

I'm the Total-Non-Doucher with his shirt off :P

     This year is looking out to be pretty sweet for me, I'm kicking off Senior year with band camp. It's cool to hang out with all your old friends, and seeing people who've graduated come back to say hi and stuff. It's also cool to see the chicks who were Seniors when you were a Freshman be all like "Amg...You got even sexier now! Let's bang." I play clarinet, and this year I'm actually the section leader which is pretty cool. I've been playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, so I always tell them shit like "Embrace your dreams, and have honor" and what not. It's cool to finally be able to inspire them the way I always wished someone would've inspired me. I am the role model I always wished for. I can totally see them absorbing my ideals like when I say, "Jesus that kid is annoying, grow the hell up" or something, I'll see them go tell their friends...Omg yeah I think that guy is really annoying, and it's all good. I'm glad that these kids finally have an open-mind and aren't lame religious cows without a mind of their own. I guess my job is done, and I've left behind my legacy, just like the Seniors when I was a Freshman guided me, I feel like I've fulfilled my duty and passed on the torch to a cool bunch of kids. I'll definitely come back and make sure they're filling those shoes ^_^ I'm looking forward to this year. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Paul!


     Yes. He is the man. America's Gandhi, fighting for true freedom from all the corruption going on in government. How? By limiting said doucebags. IRS = Boom. Gone. I feel like I work hard enough for my money that I deserve all of it, screw income tax. I just printed out my Voter Registration Form! ^_^ I'm excited that I'll be 18 just before the whole shebang. Everyone else planing to vote should definitely give him a look. He's fighting for the Constitution, not a way to manipulate it, but to defend it and its honor. We need to stop messing around in the business of all these other countries, and we only do it because we're scared. America is a filled with a bunch of vaginas who always need to watch their back. If we would stop messing with them, terrible things like 9/11 wouldn't have to happen. I'm not saying that we deserved it, but they didn't do it without any reason. I found a nice video if you're interested in boning up on some Ronnie P. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

X-Men: First Class, first class horseshit that is.

     Well, now that my Summer is basically over, I've just been watching a lot of movies...and porn...mainly Hentai...the kind with tentacles....
     I've seen X-Men: First Class twice already in theaters and the first time it seemed a lot better for some reason. I enjoyed myself more the second time because I was with better company, but I enjoyed the film itself more the first time. When we first got into the theater (its a really crappy theater btw) the movie had already started, so it was dark and my buddy was trying to go find a seat and one of the seats wasn't flipped up and he tripped over it. Luckily it was him and not me, but I was smart enough to lift up the seat when I passed thanks to him ^_^ Then to disturb everyone else around us even more, we snuck in some drinks (big deal...) with us, which exploded when we tried to open them. I started to geek out laughing, I was like "Shit, we're getting thrown out and we just sat down." but it was all fine.
   The second time I actually decided to take in the quality of the movie into account, as in the first time through mainly one just wants to get the story line absorbed.
     I don't usually write about movies and stuff, but I really wanted to write about this one, throughout the whole movie, I just couldn't stop thinking how shitty it really was. The story was great, but there was just horrible acting, graphics were crap, and...I just can't believe how badly they effed up Beast. I mean...he looked so fake, they weren't even trying. It also really bothered me that they tried to throw in more than one reference to Xavier turning bald, I mean...it was funny the first time, but they pushed it too far. Once Hank (Beast) asked to shave his head for Cerebro it was funny, but then he kept going on about stress and how he'd lose it...and that just killed it for me.
     I'm not usually too picky with movies, and I still think its a good movie, it was just done in a hurry it seems. They just wanted to throw something out there to remind people that X-Men rocks. This movie just seemed really low budget because the graphics were just really bad. I also think Mystique looked gross in her natural blue form, but in the other ones she still managed to seem a bit sexy. They could have tried a little more on the characters in general to make them more realistic...even though I understand mutants aren't real -_- (3 nipples is not that great of a mutation...sorry bud).
     I did really enjoy Magneto, his character was definitely what made the film for me. I liked seeing how he became so corrupt (or enlightened?), and he really made Xavier look like a pansy in every situation. I really disliked the acting of Xavier's character though, maybe it was his lame British accent, but I just think he was trying too hard to seem smart and sophisticated like your everyday "Professor" instead of like Proffesor X who is no ordinary Prof. Still all in all, a good movie, and I loved Wolverine's cameo when he's just like "Go fuck yourselves." when Xavier and Magneto try to recruit mutants haha...