Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alice 2.2

    I found this pretty sweet program called Alice 2.2 which lets you create your own 3-D world and stuff. I plan on using it for creative school projects and what not, but it can totally be used to mess around with for fun if you're in to MineCraft. This is very basic and you start everything basically from scratch, but that allows you to completely customize the entire thing. You can pick where you are, what goes on, and you can even create your own characters with a little help by the program. Luckily this version comes with it's preloaded "Jesus" avatar (and a Moses looking dude) which I will definitely use to make Jesus do naughty things like get his mack on with the ladies and what not...The possibilities are endless. This was made available through Carnegie Mellon, so it's definitely worth looking into, just that it takes about 10 minutes to download (300mb+) =(
     Hopefully if I have more time I can end up recording some scene or something and show you all. It is very time consuming, so if you got time on your hands and want to learn something useful for school projects or just for fun then this is totally for you. I've only been playing around with this for a day now, but it has tutorials and stuff to help you along the way. I also found a box full of Linux OS's and stuff, labeled "FREE". I guess someone gave up on Linux :P Oh well, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I might try to look into that too. I saw a billboard in California about Linux, so it's obviously in demand, and employers are definitely looking for people who know how to use it, so I'm gonna give it a shot.
    School's started for me...yeah. So I'll be getting my ass handed to me with these super fun classes and all this college application stuff, and I will also be trying to study for my SATs somewhere in there. I'm not too worried about getting into places, I just don't know how I'm gonna pay for it. -_- Peace.