Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Talk Economics...


     So I just recently came upon this link and I every American should definitely read this, and everyone else too so that they can laugh at those silly Americans! Mwahaha....

     I've been hearing a lot about the economy about to collapse, and it definitely kicked in when I watched the College Conspiracy video on "Life's Questions" (Great blog btw, you all should definitely check that out as well). 
    What I like most about that link is that I agree that things should go back to the way they were. America was much better off when people could compete for business instead of having to be regulated by government. It destroys the basic idea of a Free Market in a Capitalist system. The government just needs to back off and let people try to run their own businesses, its survival of the fittest, and the government shouldn't help out every company that was doomed to fail.    
    This whole economic shit hole that has risen has even led me to consider joining the military. I have no way to pay for college, I have a job, but there's no way that job can pay me through college, and I don't want to end up with some stupid loans I'll be paying back the rest of my life. I feel the military is a safe bet, but I'd be trying to go NROTC instead of just enlisting. 
     I think I'm just going to keep working for the next year and investing all that money in gold stocks. I've looked at the shares and they've been steadily increasing for the past 20 years (that's as far as the chart would let me see) so it seems like a sure thing. I figure it'd be better than letting my money sit in the bank getting 0.001 interest or something lame like that. In 10 years I'll probably sell it all, and by then who knows how bad things will be. I think it's just good to plan for the future, especially when you have a good idea of what's about to come. Bye bye America. (The economy anyways...)

Peace, V.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America

Yeah so I just saw Captain America last night and I am pretty disappointed. It was either this or Harry Potter, and now I really regret it. First of all, I feel that they didn't even advertise it a whole lot and it just sort of came like a fart in the air, silent but deadly. I felt it stunk pretty bad, the bad guy Red Skull or whatever was really gay and looked like an alien and it was just completely unreal in a bad sense. I lost interest really quickly and could not relate to much of this. I kind of got some deja vu when Captain America came back from the past, and it reminded me a lot of The Time Machine which was another movie that I feel had potential and was ruined. (Getting side-tracked, but The Time Machine had a really good plot! I just thought it got stupid with the monsters that came out at night and then that one Satanic looking weirdo was just creepy...) Anyways, I felt like I had to watch this movie just because I am excited for the Avengers, and I guess it's kind of nice to see how it all started. My favorite part was getting to see Tony Stark's (Iron Man) father back in the day, Howard Stark, what a badass. This also reminded me that Edward Norton wasn't going to be The Hulk and angered me even more...I'll wait until The Amazing Spider-Man, and if that fails (which I have a feeling due to the preview, it will) at least I have my DC Comics which never lets me down. I can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Flags

 Yesterday I went to Six Flags with my cousin. This is us on Goliath. This was the last ride we got on and like all the rides that night, totally worth the wait. Definitely my top three with Tatsu, and Deja Vu. I go hardcore.
 In the loading station, there were these huge spiders (thus the Spider-Man look) and I was bit by one on the back. Some kid behind me in line pointed out there was a spider on my collar, and I freaked out (I was wearing a shirt over the gray one) and apparently made the spider fall into my back.  After that everyone started looking up and we saw three huge spiders in the ceiling looking like they were going to eat each other. I calmed down and thought to myself "Hey, maybe I'll end up getting some sweet new powers" and this was me testing them out. When we went to go see the picture after the ride there was yet another huge gross spider on the counter and my cousin was the one to flip out this time. The guy behind the counter was laughing his butt off saying "Chill man! It's dead! I killed it earlier!" What a d-bag. In case you couldn't tell, we hate spiders...
 After that, we went to get some sexy funnel cake. There were two lines that had opened up, and being a man, I looked at the cashiers first and decided to go with the sexier of the two. Her name was Johanna, or so said the name-tag. So as usual she asked "What can I get for you guys?" and I thought I'd spice up her day and said, "Anything, what's your favorite?" and she threw me this pitch that I wasn't really paying attention to, so I just said "Sounds good." Then, we continued macking, as she gave me all these options to choose from, size of drinks, flavor, toppings for my funnel cake, the works. I decided that I can not decide. -_- She just kept making it harder. I can't make up my mind for things, and she was saying "What kind of drink?" (5 minutes later I decide) "Size?" (FML). "Do you want ice" (I'm sure she was just teasing by this point...) I just ended up saying GOFORIT. Then to top it off, some gay guy had to be the douche-of-the-day and be a total cockblock. When deciding which size to get, I said "The middle one" (while putting my head in my arms in the Ijustwanttogetthehelloutofhere position not even paying attention) she said "Oh =( I'm sorry, we only have two sizes" in a cute I know this sucks for you voice. (I do that so you can visualize it easier/better ^_^ ) "THE BIGGER ONE" which was where the gay guy came in saying "So sir, would you say that bigger is better?" First of all, unprofessional. Second, who the hell are you? You're talking to me like we're friends, I CANT EVEN READ YOUR NAME-TAG BRO. I hate when gay guys hit on me, so not freaking cool. I tried to keep cool in front of Johanna so I was like "Well, not if we're talking about cell phones. What are YOU talking about?" and the homo of course said "I think we know what I'm talking about *wink* *wink*". So much faggotry. He ruined my night, but overall I still had a kick-ass time. When I was paying, I signed my phone number, but I have yet to get any texts. She probably things I'm gay. Thanks asshole.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Universal Studios City Walk

   I hit up Universal Studios City Walk yesterday, and holy shit, had the time of my life. My cousins convinced me to go, I was like dude this sounds like a walk around the mall. Lame. It was actually amazing. At first it seemed pretty dumb seeing these kids in bathing suits to jump around in the mini geysers. I mean the beach is like 5 minutes away. First place we went into was Hot Topic. I saw this pink Pikachu shirt and this Invader Zim shirt that said "Gnome Sayin'?" I shit myself! I say that shit all the time. Too bad it was in the chick's section. Seriously, why do chicks get all the cool clothes, all we get is lame crap with skulls. Such faggotry. -_- Anyhoozle. I found out I am a size Medium ^_^. They had a sweet ass Pikachu backpack but you can't even put anything in there. Totally lame.
    I found my way to the Harry Potter table and bought myself a Gryffindor braclet, pin, and one of those long straps you put keys and shit on. I'm not even a real hardcore HP fan, but I know people who would envy me for my HP swag. After that we walked past the Brazilian dancers at the Samba who were actually dancing to "Shake that Monkey" and "Cat Daddy". One of the dancers was handing out some leis. She only had a few left and she was giving them out to everyone so I had to get my hands on one, mainly since she was sexy as hell. I flashed her and she was like "Oh my!" and put her hand over her mouth in a sexy fashion. So I got lei-ed? Hehe. She beckoned me to come on stage with her and I was like, are you kidding me? This hot ass Brazilian dancer with the tiniest shorts on totally wanted me. I jumped on it. I got the personal booty show of my life. It was like having Shakira air sex me, I came multiple times without even touching her. 
   I was texting a girl at the same time, and this dancer took my phone and added her info. Her name is Monica ^_^ After dancing for an hour or so I got tired and left and she blew me a kiss. My cousin wanted to help find me a girl to mack on so she asked me the hardest question of all. "Are you more into a big ass or big boobs?" I could not decide. Asian of course, but I can't pick a preference. I feel as if though I'm a booby man, but there's only so much you could do with them. It's hard to find an Asian woman with a decent body. To further my love for Asians, we went to go eat sushi. Luckily we got a cute Asian waitress, but of course she had to be flat-chested. So much sadness. =(
   It was my first time trying REAL wasabi, and holy hell, that shit stung. I felt it all over the inside of my face. I can't even describe it. I got a kick out of some fat guy trying to get out and when the door wouldn't open he was like "Stop toying with my emotions door!". Fucking hilarious. Since I work in a restaurant I left a sweet ass tip, 20 % ;) I tried talking to her in Japanese, but she was like Chinese or something. Lame. After all of that we got to see Enrique Iglesias showing up for the premier of some Spanish soap opera. That douche. Does he have to be so damn perfect? He's taller than I thought in person, and he doesn't have his mole anymore.
    I had a dream about the dancer that night too, she was in the car with me and I was dropping her off, and she was trying to get out, but apparently the door was locked or something? So she kept trying and then decided that maybe it was the child lock so I put the window down for her to unlock from the other side. She just wanted to put her ass in my face. I love those naughty but yet not wet dreams, and I got sick rhymes yo. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


     It's been a while. I've gone to California to visit my peeps, since this is where it all started. I sort of sucked driving all the way here, but I did get to drive all through New Mexico, I felt like a badass (even if it was on cruise-control). There are absolutely no gas stations there, and once you finally get to Arizona they fuck you in the ass with 4 dollars a gallon since they know they're the only gas station around. Doucebags.
     We finally got here at like 3am (PST, mind you) and went straight to bed, my whole body hurt from being cramped in the car for 36 hours (which is actually pretty quick...). I felt I was even going a little crazy in the car, maybe it was the claustrophobia or the heat, who knows, but I was getting very irritable very easily. I even started talking to myself..."Chill out man, it's almost over."
     Luckily before the long ass trip, I put a GBA emulator on my PSP so I could play some Pokemon on the way here. I have caught every single one of those little fuckers in my path. I'm on my way to become a Pokemon master.
     We went to a spa here in LA, and my god, they have the sexiest Asian women here. I am in love all over again. No happy ending, but I did get boobs all up in my face which rocked. I hit up the beach a few times already since there's like 50 within a 20 mile radius. There's a houseparty a block away I'll be going to later, so maybe I'll have some pics for you guys ;) Apparently it's going to be full of hoochies and pot heads, can't wait.
    I'm in a bit of a rush if you couldn't tell, but I promise I'll write something more entertaining here soon. Lost of stuff to do here.