Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Reason Behind the Name

     SevenFoldsIn, its not the number being able to literally fold over itself, its about the idea of a piece of paper only being able to be compacted so many times, seven to be precise, and the end result is a tiny triangle looking like a paper football. The symbolism? I guess this is my way of trying to collect all my life events into this blog. Even though my life has been pretty pathetic and uneventful (I mean the most exciting part of today was convincing a girl I had been shot...pretty lame when I think about it) , I feel there's some things I've always wanted to share with the world, and a diary is no fun unless someone steals it and reads it, so think of this as reading my own personal little diary. I choose Helvetica not because it looks good or anything (since it really doesn't) but since it reminds me of someone. Yeah, sappy, but it's meaningful to me. 
     The name actually came from the band Avenged Sevenfold (R.I.P The Rev) as the name for a character I made in some video game...I'll just say it...Maplestory. I'm ashamed, I know, how could I. I was young, understand please. No need to F3. I just kept using it for other stuff you know, screen names and what not, and I just saw a deeper meaning in it. Laying in my bed, not being able to sleep, that's when I think the most, and I just sort of rearranged the wording of it from SevenfoldSin, to what you see now. I kinda like it, its almost like a transformation for me, from an angsty teen, to a complex individual or so I hope.
      I pondered on what may compel a person to really want to read about another person's life, I mean especially when I haven't done anything particularly exciting, and I have no answer for what could've convinced your crazy ass you to do so. Maybe you're just some creepy stalker, or someone with no life, but seriously, we all want to know if some things happen to just us, if the events we encounter in this world are special or unique to us don't we? I just kind of finished watching The Social Network, so I've been inspired if you will. I feel like maybe someday I'll be someone real important and people will want to say, "Holy shit man! I know that guy! I read his blog!". (Read as in the on-going version of the word not to be confused with the "red" pronunciation).
     I'll try to keep this as entertaining as possible for you I promise as I tell you all about my sad little life, so to get you going here's a picture of the sweet ass dump I just took. Enjoy.

For you sick fucks who actually scrolled down looking for it...wth guys. Wth.

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