Thursday, June 23, 2011

River Rats


     These past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. So many...illegal activities...I think I could use a little breather. Although it's been exciting, I think it'd be smart to just step back for a while and just reflect on all the crazy shit that just happened. Don't want to start leading down a bad road, I'm smarter than that anyways. Partying like crazy, sweet ass nights with beautiful girls, living life basically, what more could a teen ask for. I went canoeing down some crazy rapids the other day, my brother's canoe ended up getting wedged perfectly in between four random trees. Fuck. It was a bitch getting that sucker out, pushing against the current, well over 1000 lbs of force as the water filled the canoe, took 4 big guys and myself (I weigh 125...) to move that deathtrap. The worst possible thing that could have happened would have been someone getting a leg pinned between some rocks, but luckily we all made it out okay. We managed with some minor bruises being banged up on rocks while floating down the rapids on our backs. Maybe it was a bad idea to keep drinking out of that bottle of Patron after it had been dropped and mixed with a little river water. Shit was expensive though, I felt bad letting it go to waste I suppose. All of this partying has been for my brother. He's moving to California for school and stuff, I'm sure gonna miss hanging with this crazy kid. I feel as though my Senior year is going to be a complete waste of my time, I want college already, I need to get out there on my own. I am totally ready for it. I'll just have to make the best of this next year I guess. Plus, I've got this cute Asian girl I've always wanted to be with, so I've gotta make something happen or I'll regret it for the rest of my life ;)


  1. Glad you had fun! I've been white water rafting a few times but never did it in a canoe..

  2. I can see you have a very fun life there bro.
    I want to canoe too and do some extreme sports like you do!

  3. Hahaha, it's not all that extreme, but I was with some hardcore pros. The guys I was with do this like every weekend.