Friday, July 8, 2011


     It's been a while. I've gone to California to visit my peeps, since this is where it all started. I sort of sucked driving all the way here, but I did get to drive all through New Mexico, I felt like a badass (even if it was on cruise-control). There are absolutely no gas stations there, and once you finally get to Arizona they fuck you in the ass with 4 dollars a gallon since they know they're the only gas station around. Doucebags.
     We finally got here at like 3am (PST, mind you) and went straight to bed, my whole body hurt from being cramped in the car for 36 hours (which is actually pretty quick...). I felt I was even going a little crazy in the car, maybe it was the claustrophobia or the heat, who knows, but I was getting very irritable very easily. I even started talking to myself..."Chill out man, it's almost over."
     Luckily before the long ass trip, I put a GBA emulator on my PSP so I could play some Pokemon on the way here. I have caught every single one of those little fuckers in my path. I'm on my way to become a Pokemon master.
     We went to a spa here in LA, and my god, they have the sexiest Asian women here. I am in love all over again. No happy ending, but I did get boobs all up in my face which rocked. I hit up the beach a few times already since there's like 50 within a 20 mile radius. There's a houseparty a block away I'll be going to later, so maybe I'll have some pics for you guys ;) Apparently it's going to be full of hoochies and pot heads, can't wait.
    I'm in a bit of a rush if you couldn't tell, but I promise I'll write something more entertaining here soon. Lost of stuff to do here.


  1. Always take a VBA with you, nice story

  2. Yeah definitely, a total lifesaver. Thanks.

  3. Gotta' catch them all :D. GBA Emulators are such a funny thing.