Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Paul!


     Yes. He is the man. America's Gandhi, fighting for true freedom from all the corruption going on in government. How? By limiting said doucebags. IRS = Boom. Gone. I feel like I work hard enough for my money that I deserve all of it, screw income tax. I just printed out my Voter Registration Form! ^_^ I'm excited that I'll be 18 just before the whole shebang. Everyone else planing to vote should definitely give him a look. He's fighting for the Constitution, not a way to manipulate it, but to defend it and its honor. We need to stop messing around in the business of all these other countries, and we only do it because we're scared. America is a filled with a bunch of vaginas who always need to watch their back. If we would stop messing with them, terrible things like 9/11 wouldn't have to happen. I'm not saying that we deserved it, but they didn't do it without any reason. I found a nice video if you're interested in boning up on some Ronnie P. 



  1. hahaha thats a great slogan. Im not north american so i cant vote him even if i wanted to. But he is worth considering for sure.

  2. I gotta say, Ron Paul has always struck me as being a believably chaotic presidential candidate.

    Yes, I know, I know...he's consistent. But if he even lives up to one of his promises (the whole IRS thing and the return to the gold standard is why I'll vote for him, and yes limiting both government and the high-end tax cuts given to the top 1% elitist scum of America) he'll throw America into what will be the series of events that saves it or tears it apart simply because it'll cause that much havoc to the current strata.

    So yeah, I DO hope he becomes the 2012 president. On the other hand I'll be ready for alllll kindsa shit to go down, and am prepared for it.

  3. the first time you vote... you will never forget this, believe me ^^