Tuesday, August 23, 2011



     Have you ever just looked up at the sky and noticed lines going against the clouds? I never thought much of them, but I recently looked into them. You may just think that they are normal contrails, or water vapor that has condensed from the engines of airplanes, but sometimes they last a long time, maybe even too long. Normal contrails may dissipate after an hour or so, but sometimes these can be seen for much longer. Some people believe that something sinister may be going on right above our heads. Chemtrails differ from Contrails, in that Chemtrails are believed to be deliberate in that they have things spraying from planes into our atmosphere. Plus, Chemtrails are bigger than normal Contrails, hinting that maybe they're intentionally spraying something out from them. There have also been reports of higher levels of Barium and Aluminum in the atmosphere and water in areas where these trails have been seen frequently. The frequent sightings of these trails haven't been seen much since before the 1980's. 
    These are definitely not like normal clouds, specifically not natural forming Cirrus clouds, since Cirrus clouds are created higher in the atmosphere, in the Troposphere. So we know for sure that these trails are not "natural forming". Some times you may notice that they appear in grid-like X formations, which are too dangerous for normal flying proximity, and basically it's illegal for planes to be flying this close. This raises some questions as to why a plane would go ahead and do this anyways, what are the chances that two random planes are going to opposite ways that close after one another? I don't think it's just a coincidence...maybe there's something bigger going on?


  1. You never know until people start to get sick.

  2. Nah man, talk to some real scientists about it, not the fear mongering internet sites that spazz out about stuff like this. Where do you think the people spraying the air live? In underground bunkers?

  3. Hey, the CIA poisoned ghettos back in the day with crack and heroin (or whatever it was) and were actively distributing LSD to hippies.

    So yeah, I can actually believe that SOMETHING is going on...but like SRMike said, it's kinda farfetched. And the internuggets is a horrible place to get information when it comes to secret black-ops and supernatural crap, y'knowwhatImean?

  4. I'm always interested in learning about conspiracies and things like this, but this is obviously incredibly far-fetched and has already been disproved many times over.