Thursday, August 18, 2011

Band Kids Are Cool.

Hmm...white gooey liquidy substance? Must be semen...
     These past two weeks I've just been chilling like a villain with my super cool band friends. Since I'm a Senior this year not a single Fuck is being given. I'm finally going to enjoy myself and be social for once. I hate that I don't even know anyone in the Senior class because I go to Governor's School separate from my normal High School. I'm just a really chill ass bro, I go to parties, just sit there, everyone just assumes you're high out of your mind, but no, I am just really chilled out. Mellow..
     This one time at band camp...Actually, all the time at band camp, we always like to grab ice and drop it into each other's genitals. Like the other day, I dropped some ice down my balls 'cause it feels nice, but my left nut started to go kinda numb, so I took it out and dropped it into this girl's cup (pictured above) and she had no idea where I got it from and continued to drink from said cup...if anything, my Mexican ball sweat made it a little spicy...
     Band has been really chill for me, it's basically an excuse to get together with chill ass people and just hang out, unload bodily fluids on each other, and just for real. We make memories here man, and that's what really matters. We're so cool starting our own little gang/posse/groupofcoolestfothermuckersinbandwhorejectalltools, wearing bandannas and stuff because we're effing cool like that. Band has much more meaning to me than just playing lame old music. I hate the fags who go and play the "Oh Hey I'm A Senior" (Eric Williams) card and molest the poor innocent Freshman. I mean...I feel like a creeper just checking them out sometimes...I'm shifting my focus from being a total manwhore this year to just chilling with my homies one last time. I find any excuse to hang out with these amazing mofos, it's not about getting dat booty anymore, I've finally found shit more meaningful than that. : )
Band Camp - 2011 :) 


  1. You're Mexican? I thought you were Asian for some reason...

    Anyway, I gotta admit if I had gone into band back in high school I'd probably have an easier time getting into the muzak bidness right now.

    As is, we're hopin' that just gettin' in with awesome music and headbanging tunes will work, without relying on screamo tactics.

    Mainly 'cuz I can't scream/death metal growl anyway, not happily at least.

  2. Hahah I get that a lot for some reason...I always wanted to learn to growl...I'm too much of a pussy to hurt my vocal chords, I gotta learn from a pro.