Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Day

One day, I will be a man. One day, I will be there for her. One day, I will be able to protect her and save her from herself. One day, I will accomplish my dreams and goals and fulfill the promise I made to her. I will prove to her that I can, and that I will. One day, I will have succeeded, and the world will let us have our happily ever after.
I cannot understand what it must feel like to be dying. We are all dying, but I can never understand what it feels like to know your body is killing itself. I cannot imagine how helpless it must feel. All I can do is to try and make her forget. You cannot stop death, but you can always fight it. You say to the god of death, “Not today”.
           Today, I realized how hard it must have been for her. I know she did this to protect me. She didn't want me to see her like that. She had to let me go. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to lose the person you wanted to share the rest of your life with and have them taken from you. That is a pain no one deserves. One day, I will provide the means to keep her safe, and she will enjoy life once again.
           One day, I will show her that I can fix this. One day, I will be able to hold her in my arms again, and tell her that everything will be ok, and she will know that I mean it. I will love her and she will love me, and we will finally be together in love until the end. I just ask you God, please, keep her safe until then. 

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