Sunday, August 14, 2011

Band Camp!

I'm the Total-Non-Doucher with his shirt off :P

     This year is looking out to be pretty sweet for me, I'm kicking off Senior year with band camp. It's cool to hang out with all your old friends, and seeing people who've graduated come back to say hi and stuff. It's also cool to see the chicks who were Seniors when you were a Freshman be all like "Amg...You got even sexier now! Let's bang." I play clarinet, and this year I'm actually the section leader which is pretty cool. I've been playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, so I always tell them shit like "Embrace your dreams, and have honor" and what not. It's cool to finally be able to inspire them the way I always wished someone would've inspired me. I am the role model I always wished for. I can totally see them absorbing my ideals like when I say, "Jesus that kid is annoying, grow the hell up" or something, I'll see them go tell their friends...Omg yeah I think that guy is really annoying, and it's all good. I'm glad that these kids finally have an open-mind and aren't lame religious cows without a mind of their own. I guess my job is done, and I've left behind my legacy, just like the Seniors when I was a Freshman guided me, I feel like I've fulfilled my duty and passed on the torch to a cool bunch of kids. I'll definitely come back and make sure they're filling those shoes ^_^ I'm looking forward to this year. 


  1. Heard good things about band camp, heh heh, have fun.

  2. Heh, "band camp."

    Cherish it, m'man...these are the days of your lives and all that rot.

  3. It's cool to see that you're passing knowledge to younger people :)

  4. Sounds like you're having a good time haha